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B Satisfied - Resident Testimonials

Mike D

Just wanted you to know I moved in at the beginning of the month, and the property has exceeded expectations. The unit was CLEAN when I moved in, maintenance responds in a timely manner, and the staff have been friendly. Thanks and keep up the great work!

-- 2850 N. Sheridan

Sarah H

Denise is amazing! She is so responsive and can answer any questions you have. I bother her almost every day and she can always help me out with a smile. Highly suggest those interested in renting with BJB to go for it, their service is great.

-- 1215 W Diversey

Ashley P

I just love my sunny corner unit! My studio has a nice open floor plan, with a spacious walk in closet that leads you into the bathroom. Its very Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City! The set of 8 washer dryers in the basement is so convenient, and I love getting all my laundry done at once. Sometimes I'll even jump on one of the treadmills and get my work out on while I wait to switch my clothes over to the dryer.

-- 443 W. Wrightwood

Sonia K

A big thank you to Leon, building manager. Leon, has been wonderful to deal with for the past year. I've always been able to reach him and he has returned my calls promptly. Any and all concerns or situations that I've had have been dealt with courteously, professionally, and optimistically. Even requests that were beyond his scope of duties as a manager. I don't know what I would have done without his assistance.

-- 1135 W. Pratt

Margot P

Greatest property manager, Katie Barnhart, and her team is extremely helpful to everyone in the building. Highly recommend this building and the beautiful apartments within - love living here!

-- 211 E. Delaware

Andrea A

I live at one of the BJB Properties 211 east Delaware building, I've reside here for the past 2 years and since Katie Bernhardt took

Over management everything changed the building got so many updates from the walls painted to the floors fixed even the hallways smell so nice! She brought color and life to the building and I love how diligent she is when you ask for anything. As a resident that makes me feel home again, Love the management!

-- 211 E. Delaware

Stephen L

I have lived at 211 E Delaware Place for about 3 years. The current group of property managers and agents are wonderful, especially Katie Barnhart. Katie is attentive and kind and very easy to get a hold of. When it came time to think about subletting my apartment (I was moving back to the east coast), Katie and her staff went out of their way to help show my unit for me and they were courteous about my time and privacy. The kitchens and bathrooms are modern, the building is cozy and a small community but located right downtown in Streeterville. It's also a great place to live if you are a law student or medical student at Northwestern and are looking for a quiet apartment within walking distance of school.

-- 211 E. Delaware

Mary F

Katie Barnhart is an EXCELLENT manager at 211 E. Delaware. She makes herself extremely available to her tenants; allowing us to have an enjoyable renting experience. Katie is always ready to help and solve any problem fast (work orders, rent questions, etc.). Her warmth and kindness goes a long in way in making the building a better place. Katie is top notch and I feel lucky to have her as my manager.

-- 211 E. Delaware

Nataliya D

I live in 211 E Delaware pl building and I absolutely love it. The best location for a reasonable price and that includes gym, laundry room, bike room and rooftop! Building manager, Katie Barnhart, is amazing. She is super professional and super responsive to every single need or problem, which she solves in a heartbeat! The maintenance team, cleaning lady and all security are awesome! I am very happy I'm staying here for another year! Highly recommended!

-- 211 E. Delaware

Stephanie S

I started leasing my apartment with BJB Properties beginning August 2016. While I thought the management team was good when I moved in, I didn't know what I missing. Katie Barnhart took over the management in late September and I was extremely impressed with how quickly she improved the team - her tenant communication is outstanding, she responds to requests promptly, she is very knowledgeable, and well organized. Our building went through major renovations this past winter, and she handled the logistics very well by keeping all tenants up to date on when the contractors will be working. I'm very thankful for Katie as my property manager, and I am looking forward to renewing my lease for another year!

-- 211 E. Delaware

Alana B

Ever since my building has gained our new property manager (Mandi Grandgeorge) I've noticed a lot of positive changes. She immediately had walls painted and the carpets cleaned in all the hallways (plus installed new carpet in the lobby). Mandi is quick with email responses/work order requests and listens attentively to tenant feedback. Not to mention, she makes the tenant feel extremely comfortable when coming to her about their concerns.

-- 18 E. Elm

Kelley K

BJB truly has saved me from an extremely situation. I took over a lease for a girl who left and had two other roommates. Originally, we thought we were signing a ten month lease. Unfortunately, when the new lease was drawn up, it was for 12 months because it was generated as a brand new lease and neither my two roommates nor I EVER NOTICED IT. So, now that it was time to (we thought) move out, we found out our lease was two months longer than we were planning. I'm moving to California and have already put a down payment on an apartment there so certainly wasn't expecting to pay double rent. BJB was nothing but helpful for getting us out of our lease early since it was our fault for not checking over those details carefully. Thanks Drew and the BJB team for helping us for not reading over our lease carefully!!!!

-- 2850 N. Sheridan

Nick H

Mandi Grandgeorge deserves a five star Yelp review!

In preparation for my move, has Mandi been world class. Coordination with maintenance and overall move out process has been excellent and very smooth. 

Since BjB has management office either on-site or in any of the other properties in the neighborhood, are they easy to get in touch with and very flexible if immediate assistance is needed.

-- 18 E. Elm

Sara S

TO say I've had my share of bad experiences with property managers during my time living in Chicago  would be a huge understatement. That being said... Katie Barnhart is the property manager at this building as of September and she is exceptional! There was construction being completed to my unit this week and the crew left the unit fairly dusty/dirty. I told Katie and no questions asked, my apartment was cleaned for free. (Kudos to Marta, she sure knows how to make an apartment SHINE!) Anyways, this is one of many ways Katie has been changing my views on property managers. She smart, kind, and responsive-can't beat that!

-- 25 E. Delaware

Kenneth B

Really like the way the building is run and shout out to Adam and Mandi, managers. Spoke with them again recently when I renewed my lease.  They have a handle on the property and are running it smoothly.

-- 1036 N. Dearborn

Alexis C

The staff members in this building are all stellar: Mike, the leasing agents, receptionists, maintenance workers. In addition, this complex carriers the highest stature of cleanliness I've experienced opposed to other business' buildings I've toured. The living spaces accommodate any and all circumstances - from a college student looking for a comfortable residence to a couple purchasing their first apartment together, there is something for everybody.

-- 443 Wrightwood

Troy E

I have lived at two BJB properties and definitely love my home at 443 W Wrightwood.  I have  lived in this building going on four years.  The building is well maintained and the staff is great! The Maintenance staff led by Hassan was always top notch and Bill at the door in the evenings always made you feel at ease even on the worst days. The new property manager Mike brought with him a new staff and picked up where one of the older managers "Mike" left off.  If you want a hidden gem in the middle of lincoln park do not look any further.

-- 443 Wrightwood

Nick H

I had a great experience with BJB. I lived for two years in two of their apartments at 1110 and 1116 Davis St. The building was in a great location near the metra and a couple blocks from downtown Evanston. Both apartments were in great shape with nice hardwoods, high ceilings, big closets and lots of windows. The kitchens and bathrooms were renovated before I moved in. Both apartments were pretty large for a great price relative to other places I looked. I also had a parking place in a garage for a really competitive price. The free cable and internet were great, I never had any issues with connection speed, even when streaming music or video. The laundry in the basement was also a nice feature. There were enough washers and dryers that I rarely, if ever, had to wait. I found BJB to be very responsive to any complaints. Any issues I had (which were very few) were fixed within a few hours. BJB was also very accommodating to some of my requests. When my wife moved out o

-- 1576 Oak

Evanston A

We've been with BJB Evanston at the 1576-1598 Oak & 1100-18 Davis building for six months now. Maybe things have improved a lot since the bad 2009 reviews, as we've been really happy with our apartment and the management. Our apartment is in great condition, very clean bathroom, updated kitchen, nicely painted and well kept living area/bedroom. We moved here from out of state and the staff was very helpful in coordinating the paperwork for us. It was a little cold at the start of winter (we emailed the staff about it) but now our apartment seems plenty warm (it's January - granted it's an insanely mild winter with no snow, so I can't attest to a true Chicago winter yet). We got a couple of space heaters just in case, as our electric bill is pretty low here, shouldn't be a problem to run them if needed. We did need a few small repairs after they did a routine inspection and while it did take a few weeks for them to get taken care of, they did get to them and did a nice job (new si

-- 1576 Oak


We lived in 1303 Maple Ave for 3 years. The only reason for moving out was buying a house. Otherwise, we wouldn't move out. The apartment was spacious (3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms), clean and well maintained. The building also had a nice fitness and laundry room, good size storage and bike room. Also, the rent included heat, water, free internet and cable. The management company was very responsive to every single request we submitted. Zumi, the property manager was extremely nice, very cooperative and helpful. I would definitely recommend living there.

-- 1303 Maple

Su Jung K

I have to start by saying that this is my eighth year with BJB Evanston. I came to Evanston back in 2006 and have lived in the same apartment ever since. I have rented all types of rooms starting from studio, to 2-bedroom, then finally 1-bedroom during the course of 8 years. My experience with BJB Evanston and its staff members has been more than wonderful, and I am truly grateful that I never had to think about searching for another apartment or dealing with the hassle of packing and unpacking. I can say three great things about living in BJB Evanston among others: excellent service, state-of-the-art facilities, and friendly neighbors; (1) Service - I have communicated with Zumi since Day 1, and she's been always prompt, precise, and caring. Zumi can be easily reachable by phone or email, and is always eager to help out and think of tenants' benefits first. If you're in trouble with a clogged toilet or water leaking, or if you're locked out in the middle of night, Beg will be there.

-- 1509 Hinman

Carolyn O

I have to write to express how great my experience was in renting from BJB Evanston. I moved to Chicago from Cslifornia for work without any knowledge of area nor knowing anyone. Prior to renting my apartment with BJB I was on a dead end search. The apartment I found with BJB was a breathe of fresh air compared to the other spaces I looked at. BJB Evanston offers tenants charming old Chicago buildings with updated units with modern amenities that are also ideally located to transportation, restaurants, parks etc. My favorite part however for someone like myself relocating to a new area was the warm inviting and very helpful management team of BJB. They offer help asap around the clock. They are quick with their response in finding solutions or answering your questions so you never feel like you are alone without knowing anyone in your new area. I worked with Zumi at BJB and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an apartment. When I signed my lease with BJB through Zumi she said

-- 2121 Ridge

Chris F

I don't know what my future holds, but I do know that any and all property managers I may work with down the road have a tough act to follow! Since my very first contact with BJB Evanston six years ago, you have provided an unparalleled level of customer service. After you and Phil helped me find the perfect apartment in my desired location, you exceeded my expectations when it came to maintenance requests and overall upkeep of my apartment and the common areas. Not once did I wait more than 24 hours for service, even when it was something I requested for my own convenience--like an extra shelf in the closet or help installing my AC window unit. I was also pleasantly surprised at the sense of community in my building, and I attribute this to our collective desire to keep our beautiful building looking good and feeling safe. You demonstrated a level of professionalism and concern rarely encountered in large management companies. My family and I thank you providing us with a safe, beauti

-- 2247 Ridge

Tom J

Having lived in several Chicago apartments through the years, I have experienced my share of both bad and good property management companies. BJB Evanston is, based on my experience, one of the GREAT ones.

-- 1575 Oak

Allah S

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us over the last 2 years. As promised we have left the apartment in immaculate condition as we got it from you :)

-- 2 S. Greenwood

Adriane G

I have lived in the 451 building for 3 years and can't speak enough about the wonderful experience I have had, or how much I have enjoyed living here. I feel safe, the building is clean, updated and very well maintained. Mike H., the building manager, is fantastic and has really improved things over the last couple of years. He and his team respond immediately via email or phone, they are reliable, quick to get a work order in and always follow through. They are incredibly warm and friendly and always helpful. There is constant and consistent communication with the tenants, whether it's through memos or email, of any building updates or news.

-- 451 W. Wrightwood

Catherine P

I've lived in a BJB property for a little over a year and I have really enjoyed it. I can only speak to the 443/451 Wrightwood location but have had a really positive experience living in this building.

-- 451 W. Wrightwood


The apartments are beautiful and this is the most well-maintained building I have ever lived in. The management has been easy to communicate with and incredibly responsive to questions and concerns. I have found that whenever I have had the rare issue, they have been willing to work with me to find a solution. Everyone from the management to the people who do repairs really care about making the apartment a wonderful place to live.

-- 660 W. Barry

From finding my apartment, to moving in, to any maintenance issues I've had in my apartment, to now subleasing my apartment, I have had a wonderful experience with BJB. Thank you so much for everything, and for making processes that are normally a huge headache into very easy and stress free!

-- 1939 N. Lincoln

I wanted to send a big Thank You to Adam, our building manager. This is by far the best experience I have had moving into an apartment. He has been extremely responsive and accommodating. I have had some poor experiences in the past, so this is a breath of fresh air. Thank you!

-- 1837 W. Patterson

The Staff at BJB is great, any issues that come up are solved very quickly; All staff members are very nice and always a pleasure to talk to. It is a pleasure living in this building. Experiences with Amenities: The rooms are priced fairly, they come with everything you could want. Heat, Cable, Internet, etc is all included. Each apartment has a kitchen including a refrigerater and dish washer. Laundry rooms are easy to get to and big enough that you never have to wait for someone else to finish their laundry before you can start yours. Experiences with Apartments: So far my experience here has been great, there is a friendly staff and a great living experience.Suggestions: the BJB staff pretty much has it all covered.

-- 443 W. Wrightwood

Our leasing agent Sean was wonderful and very helpful with everything during the move-in process. He answered all of our questions and helped us with whatever we needed!

-- 25 E. Delaware


Thank you to BJB for the great little studio for my daughter this past year. BJB is a top notch company and maybe she will re rent in future after she finishes school.

-- 2244 N. Cleveland


I just want to acknowledge the excellent work that Ricky did when helping me out with setting up my apartment and fixing parts of the apartment for me. He was very nice and efficient with his work.

-- 18 E. Elm


I have been renting with Bjb for the last year and have decided to renew my lease again this year. I want to let you know that Ashley (who works at 25 e Delaware and also 211 e Delaware) is a MAJOR reason why I have decided to stay. She is extremely professional, nice and easy to work with. She always communicates well with me and I always know what to expect/what's going on with anything that I ask of her. Great job at hiring such an awesome person!!!

-- 211 E. Delaware


I would say that I am thankful for the quick response of the management team as well as maintenance when an issue does arise. Everyone is friendly, polite, accommodating and easy to work with to get things accomplished in a timely manner.

-- 1010 W. Waveland


Andrea is our Property Manager and she does an excellent job. She and her staff have organized and hosted tenant get-togethers several times now.  I greatly enjoy them and other tenants tell me that they enjoy them also. Andrea provides coffee, bagels and speads and doughnuts for us and provides us with a place to relax, chat and get to know other tenants. It's a really pleasant experience and Andrea is a gracious hostess. It's a really nice perk to living here.

-- 443 W. Wrightwood

Ricky is AMAZING guy! He fixed everything what I want. Of course, he fixed the problem which I didn't recognize. He is really nice. I asked him lots of question about my place (how to save power, how to make toilet clean without fan, etc) and he explained those thing in detail! Thanks A LOT Ricky! I know that he is really busy nowadays, but he works really hard! GREAT GUY!

-- 1036 N. Dearborn

Ricky is a treasure to have employed by BJB maintenance. I placed a work order for the bathtub drain to be unclogged and not only did he handle the situation in a quick, quiet manner (I'm a graduate student working on finals) but he also took it upon himself to fix other things he noticed weren't quite up to par in the bathroom which includes a slow sink drain, changing my shower head, and applying a spray to help open the bathroom window a little easier. Ricky is the very best and it really helps confirm why I love BJB properties. He is the absolute best.

-- 18 E. Elm


Coming from out of state to the windy city is a big move, but finding your future home is the hardest. After a week of searching and showing I was lucky to get introduced to one of BJB properties. I entered the building and while walking to the elevator you can feel how clean, smell fresh, organize, modern everything looks. After that showing all want to do is sign my lease lol.


Brian S

The reason I chose 4100 is because it is pet friendly. I found it really hard to find an apartment near the lake, with great amenities, and pret friendly for a reasonable price. It is near the lake which provides a great trail to take my dog on a walk. Did i mention the awesome rooftop! Prime location to view the air and water show from.

-- 4100 N. Marine Dr.

Chris M.

451 W. Wrightwood has definitely been one of the better apartment choices I've made in the city. The location is excellent (Lincoln Park is my back yard), the building is secure and well maintained, and the staff is responsive and friendly

-- 451 W. Wrightwood

Jacqueline W.

Overall, the building and apartment are great. There are just a few minor things that could make things better!

-- 451 W. Wrightwood


By far 4100 Marine Drive is the best place ive lived at because not only do they offer clean and upgraded apartments and their location cannot be beat! It is close to the lake and conveniently located near punlic transit. Overall I give 4100 a 10.

-- 4100 N. Marine Dr.

Rachel T.

I love living here, the staff is always very responsive and courteous.

-- 451 W. Wrightwood

Lindsey W

I moved to 4100 N marine Drive over a year ago and continued to lease from here because for the location and amenities the price cant be beat. I looked at other locations but 4100 proved to be the best bang for your buck.

-- 4100 N. Marine Dr.

Claudia F.

This apartment/agency has been good to me over the past two years. Unfortunately, the increased rent for no increase of space is the reason I am leaving. I would definitely recommend this building to a young 20-something fresh out of school trying to get his/her life started; it's perfect for that life situation!

-- 443 W. Wrightwood

Adrienne B

Friendly staff, chill neighbords and a fantastic location. I host a lot of get together with my good friend and they all have a wonderful time! How could the not with a balcony, roof, a short walk to montrose beach and a bunch of neat little sports along the way. Thank you to everyone involved to making this a pleasant living space.

-- 4100 N. Marine Dr.


I am moving out only because I need a larger apartment. I received great service + care from BJB and I have recommended you to friends, I would rent again if budget allows.

-- 3834 N. Sheffield

Marion B

The building is always very clean. Staff is always very nice and helpful and always go the extra mile to help tenants. Problems in the apartment are fixed quickly.

-- 4100 N. Marine Dr.

Brian R.

I have lived here for 2 years and enjoyed it very much

-- 451 W. Wrightwood


Move in May 2013 at the 4100 Marine Dr location. The views are breathtaking and my experiences here has been nothing short of amazing. The building is clean and the staff is more than accomadating. They do aboce and beyond to ensure all my roommate and I's needs are met. Also the rooftop deck is perfect for a nice summer view of the lake. I am very satisfied with my choise of BJB properties and look forward to spending more years living here.

-- 4100 N. Marine Dr.

Sadie H.

The building/location is great the staff is very helpful. The lobby is really cool and the roof deck and fitness center in the building are great too.

-- 451 W. Wrightwood

Breon A

4100 north marine drive is a great place because of the helpfulness of the office, the location and also the security of the building. I would certainly recommend this building to future tenanats.

-- 4100 N. Marine Dr.

Jon E

I really like the responsiveness of the staff and the building engineer. Also the friendliness of the residents is outstanding.

-- 4100 N. Marine Dr.

Mahmoud S

Great location! Jack was very friendly. We like it here. They usually respond to all our requests promptly.

-- 4100 N. Marine Dr.

Melissa C

Marine Drive is a great place to live in because it is located near all the great things in the city. Montrose beach, Belmont harbor, the golfcourse and ther eis close to transit that takes you downtown in 15 minutes. Im very happy with the location I picked.

-- 4100 N. Marine Dr.